5 Things Southerners and Northerners Have in Common

Experience is the best teacher of all and this particular experience was an eye-opener and game-changer for sure. So here it goes. I met up with a friend one Saturday afternoon at a bar for a football game. Soon after arriving I met J. He was cute, charming, and we seriously hit it off right away. Our afternoon of fun turned into a night out and me, my friend, J, and his friend bar-hopped, talked, laughed, danced, and played pool until the wee hours.

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You need to have talent, dedication, and solid focus. But just like with any job, the game can take a big toll on your stress levels, so it couldn’t hurt to have a beautiful, smart lady by your side! Jessyka Janshel – James Harden Tristan Thompson’s new love interest may be turning heads, but there is another NBA player who seems to have hit the jackpot since his parting with Khloe Kardashian. James Harden’s girlfriend Jessyka Janshel is a social media model and allegedly attends beauty school in Houston.

Since then, the two have been going strong and finally tied the knot in

Lauren alaina dating It’s been in a 23 august Lauren alaina tickets and her boo, 28, alex hopkins, lauren alaina on her future with the boyfriend on the 4th acm.

All Rights Reserved With a little practice anyone can become skilled at trimming their bangs on a regular basis. Many hairdressers may provide complimentary bang trims for their long term and regular customers. Always ask your hairstylist if they have a free bang trim service. For a lot of people, like me, the issue is probably more about scheduling.

Additional Bang Trimming Tips Some other additional tips to consider when trimming your bangs for the best success: Trim your bangs when you have peace and quiet. Concentration is important to create bangs which fall evenly at the desired length. Turn off your cell phone and lock the bathroom door to avoid any unnecessary interruptions. Avoid talking while trimming since little hairs can fly into your mouth and can alter the true length factor.

Consider putting on an old shirt or covering your shoulder and neck with an old towel before you start clipping. No matter how careful you are little hairs will fly around and make a bit of a mess. Clip the hair over a wastebasket when possible. Little hairs which go down the drain may ultimately cause problems. Be careful when snipping close to the eyes to avoid getting hair in them.

Hair Tips: Trim Your Own Bangs

Alaina released her single ” Like My Mother Does “. The song entered the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at forty-nine [8] and the Hot chart at twenty [9] and sold , copies in its first week. Wildflower[ edit ] On October 11, , Alaina released her debut album Wildflower , which debuted at number five on the US Billboard chart and sold 69, copies the first week.

Proceeds from each show benefited various local charities, including the Special Olympics. One World, One Family”. The track serves as the theme song for the SeaWorld attraction Antarctica:

Lauren Alaina stands 5 feet 6 inches tall (m). As of , Lauren’s net worth is estimated to be around $, She has an annual salary of $60 thousand from her Of Birth: United Arab Emirates.

The head of the world’s biggest restaurant chain, who for much of his two years at the helm has been battling to spark sales growth in the United States and Europe, got battered by headline-grabbing bad news in late July. In the final days of the month, its China business was hit with a food-safety scare involving a key supplier; the chain got ensnared in the West’s sanctions standoff with Russia; burger flippers at U.

Add to all that its results showed second-quarter profit dropped more than expected. It’s an easy target. In a statement a McDonald’s spokeswoman said: Thompson was not made available for comment. DEFAULT BRAND Analysts and investors said the latest, largely external events appear to pose manageable risk to McDonald’s profits, but they are a headache at a time when the company is grappling with intense competition, shifting consumer tastes and service slow-downs stemming from the menu additions of everything from salads and wraps to lattes and smoothies aimed at broadening its audience and boosting sales.

That’s it,” said Passikoff, president of Brand Keys. Investors, analysts and franchisees are clamoring for the company to stop trying to be “all things to all people”.

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And over the last couple of years, the Mouse House seems to be getting a clue. Well, better late than never Brave featured an independent-minded princess who didn’t get or need a prince. In last year’s mega-hit Frozen , an ironic plot reversal was built around the mistaken notion of true love’s kiss. Times and tastes change, of course.

Lauren Alaina (born Kristine Suddeth; November 8, ) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress from Rossville, Georgia as matter convenience, list models .

Live reviews Lauren Alaina With a handful of female country superstars dominating the forefront of the genre, it can be hard for any up and coming talent to break the industry. That said, as country music enters the mainstream more and more, we are seeing more country singers appearing on TV talent shows, such as American Idol and X Factor USA. Whilst someone have questioned these shows as legitimate routes into carving a music career, they should be viewed as platforms to showcase talent that otherwise would be ignored.

Country’s leading female vocalist, Carrie Underwood, was herself a winner of American Idol. Another talent that American Idol has produced, Lauren Alaina is a new country superstar taking the industry by storm. I was fortunate enough to see her live on a trip to Nashville earlier this year, the home of country music, and was taken by surprise by how polished and mature the year-olds performance was. She sang her way through a short set of sure to be hit songs including first single “Like My Mother Does”, the perfect, emotional country song.

At just 19, Lauren Alaina has clearly got the talent to spend many more years making music and I’m sure she will be a credit to the country genre. Her live performance was truly exceptional for someone so young and so new to the industry and was a testament to just how far she will go.

Lauren Alaina

Morelli is now reportedly dating one of the Netflix series’ female stars, Samira Wiley. Morelli and Basilone filed for divorce jointly and split amicably, according to court documents obtained by E! Morelli came out as gay via a touching essay for Identities.

Lauren Alaina met her handsome boyfriend Alex Hopkins on July 5, , and began dating later that year. Now Alex Hopkins is officially Lauren Alaina’s fiance. Country music songbird Lauren Alaina and her longtime love Alex Hopkins shared their happy news via social media.

She had to admire herself and take some selfies. She got heated up while looking at herself in the mirror. She decided to get some oil and make this even sexier. She got out her toys and started fucking herself. Brick overheard all the fun as he was about to leave for the day. He peeked around and saw Ashely in all her glory. He decided to have some fun of his own. He got caught read handed, but was rewarded with the ultimate prize.

Ashley Adams took a hold of his cock and got freaky.

Single Review: Lauren Alaina, “Road Less Traveled”

The gorgeous lace, fit, and dramatic low back was everything she was looking for her October wedding at Fresh Air Farm. We met at La Bodega circa August Quickly we discovered our similar passion for good music. We kept running into each other at concerts around town. We were pretty much in love with life and each other.

Lauren Alaina, 23, got the call of a lifetime, and it was caught on video. It was country legend (and current Colonel Sanders) Reba McEntire, telling her she won one of the greatest honors in.

Danelle was the first-ever blind contestant on Dancing with the Stars. At the age of 13, Danelle was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic eye condition where the retina progressively degenerates and eventually causes blindness. She has no central vision and is losing her peripheral vision as well. Usually dance is shown by, ‘Look, I’m going to show you what this step looks like,’ and then the person looks at it and repeats, pretty much. But we didn’t have that,” Artem explained on GMA.

And look, just seeing her [dance] on the stage when she was performing, it was incredible! Danelle revealed her husband and son were very proud of her but also “a little heartbroken” to see them leave the competition. But they were proud I was on the show and that we had Artem on our team,” Danelle shared. In terms of whom she’s rooting for on the show going forward, Danelle admitted, “There’s way too many good dancers to even say. I can’t say one specific person because I have to go back to the show.

Danelle and Artem finished the week in eleventh place on the judges’ leaderboard with a total of 37 out of 60 possible points from the judges.

Nicki Minaj

My mom motivated me, but it wasn’t a strict household. I kind of wanted a strict household. Minaj later left Full Force and uploaded songs on her Myspace profile, sending several of her songs to people in the music industry. At the time, she was managed by Debra Antney.

Lauren Alaina started dating Alex Hopkins from They are still together even after five years. Lauren and Alex have proved that true love does really exist.

Mar 5, How do you come to that conclusion? It was an officially promoted single to country radio so it would’ve counted just as any of his singles from studio albums have. I mean, going by this kind of logic, his streak of top tens can still be preserved if “Female” gets cut from his forthcoming album’s tracklist before its release I’m not going to punish Keith Urban or any artist out there that releases a single from a soundtrack.

If it was a regular Urban release, it would count against him if it did not hit the top ten. Fortunately, For You was a top ten. If Female does not make the upcoming album, I will say his streak of top tens continues. I could be totally wrong here on what. But “For You” and “Female” were both fully promoted to radio and were treated just as much as singles to radio as any number of his previous singles.

Just because “For You” wasn’t on a Keith Urban album proper, doesn’t mean it doesn’t count as a radio single any more or less than his previous singles. Because radio looked at that song as a solo Keith Urban song. Also it doesn’t matter what you think on this as you’re not Billboard.

Kane Brown – What Ifs ft. Lauren Alaina