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The legendary story tells of the siege of the British garrison in Ladysmith in The Naval Brigade transported guns over difficult terrain and brought them into action against the Boers. The Royal Navy landed two 4. The guns were transported inland by rail and then drawn on makeshift carriages by oxen. For the final part of the journey, sailors from the Naval Brigade manhandled the guns over very difficult terrain. One story tells of sailors carrying one of the pounder guns for 2 miles 3. The siege of Ladysmith lasted for days until February Displays of field gun drill continued in subsequent years. A film clip of this evolution survives from the period [2] which was filmed by Alfred J West for his popular ‘Our Navy’ film presentations in the early s.

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More than 4, willingly volunteered to leave the service at a time of deep economic recession and rising unemployment. However in combat or when things go wrong, casualties and the lack of available hands for damage control may prove critical. This figure is unsustainable and extremely damaging to the service both now and in the future.

The loss of senior rates is particularly worrying. Engineers are also most likely to resign,

Serco Careers. Have you got what it takes to join our team of over 50, people responsible for transforming the delivery of vital public services on behalf of .

In , Joshua Sprigge left money for the building of a workhouse and buildings on the east side of South Bar were eventually bought for this purpose. For some years, the parish vestry employed Richard Burrowes to run the workhouse — he was to set 50 paupers between the ages of 8 and 60 to work manufacturing worsted.

They received sufficient wages, clothes and food so that they would not become chargeable to the borough. Over the years, various arrangements were tried for running the workhouse: Weekly per-head allowances ranged from 1s. A Parliamentary report of recorded a parish workhouse in operation in Banbury with accommodation for up to 60 inmates, while Bloxham’s workhouse could hold up to East Adderbury’s workhouse, which dated from around , was listed as having a capacity of A house there is still known as Workhouse Cottage.

Banbury was the subject of a report in Eden’s survey of the state of the poor in England: The Poor are partly maintained in a Workhouse, where there are at present July, 39 persons, viz. One of these is blind, one insane, and four lame. The Poor in the house are chiefly employed in spinning and twisting for the manufacturers of the town. Table of diet in the house:

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Alun’s son, Glyn Tyler-Davies said: Once he got to the metal roads, he’d tie up the horse and deliver the cream in the Model T. Alun Tyler-Davies was running the business on his own within a couple of years his step-father preferring to run the farm , and soon moved its base from the farm to the local Rail Head at Kaipara Flats, about 12kms from Warkworth. At one point Alun had about 20 trucks working as far north as Kaitaia. Glyn said “The big adventure for me was to go with my father every fortnight when he’d go around and pay the drivers.

Banbury, Oxfordshire [Bibliography] Up to Banbury had a workhouse at the east end of Scalding Lane from as early as (VCH, ), although it may have only been used for providing housing rather than , Joshua Sprigge left money for the building of a workhouse and buildings on the east side of South Bar were eventually bought for this purpose.

Click on thumbnail images to view photos submitted with stories To submit a story, please email the webmaster. Please keep in mind that some of the stories here are humourous and some of them are of a more serious nature where shipmates have lost a life while others may contain profanity. Three of our stalwartly seamen thought they needed a hair cut and decided on an a Iroquois hair cut – much to the displeasure of our XO.

The next morning it was clear lower decks to the fo’c’s’le and he began by giving the three a dressing down and 30 days stoppage of leave till their hair grew in. In reality this was no big deal as we were leaving next day back on patrol for another 30 days. The XO finished his comment by saying that we are not a Tribal class destroyer – with the ships name and badge “Crusader” – they should wear chastity belts when going ashore.

In London on 72 hr, leave.

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Urban ferry rides—short, sweet, and cheap—have their own rewards and can become a daily ritual. Like Law, commuters around the globe are ditching traffic-clogged roads for the open water. In New York City , more than , people ride ferries daily, according to Seth Solomonow, spokesperson for the Department of Transportation. Every day, 80, people navigate the coastal backwaters of Kerala , India , on ferries.

From the deck, passengers witness kids riding bicycles and workers harvesting bananas and coconuts or laying laundry out to dry. Indeed, riding a ferry is a great way to get a feel for the rhythms of a place and even get to know some fellow passengers.

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If an entry is just the name of the vessel followed by a “see In she became an armed merchant cruiser and in was converted to oil fuel and chartered to Pacific Steam Navigation Co. Vincent – Rio de Janeiro – Santos voyage on 14th Aug. Her eleventh and last Lisbon – Brazil voyage started on 10th Oct. She made one further Lisbon – St. Vincent – Rio de Janeiro – Santos sailing on 9th Jul. Bonsor] EDAM 2, gross tons, length Accommodation for st and rd class passengers. Her maiden voyage started on 29th Oct.

Her last sailing on this service started on 26th Aug. She resumed Amsterdam – New York voyages on 30th Mar. March first Rotterdam – New York voyage. She was a 2, gross ton ship, length

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Under the leadership of Sir Roger Moore the knighthood is in the post Roger , Clarendon went through the season unbeaten in the league, scoring an incredible goals! Clarendon have won 17 of their 19 league games this season and the meeting between the teams two weeks ago saw Clarendon hit Maple Leaf for double figures. Zion probably need 2 wins from their final 3 games to secure Division One football next season, but have just 1 win in their last 9 league games.

Corinthians SK v Living Hope — Corinthians need a win to maintain their promotion hopes, currently trailing St Michaels in 3rd place by 4 points with a game in hand.

Hi Keith, Thanks so much for the bird feeder and dovecote they both arrived safely yesterday morning. We have unpacked them but unfortunately not managed to get them up yet.

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Welcome to the homepage of the Buttonhook Society, and The Boutonneur. Collecting Buttonhooks The Victorian love of innovation led to the production of a great variety of tools and gadgets designed to make life simpler and to highlight the sophistication and refinement of the owner. One of these tools was the buttonhook.

Although almost unknown now, back in the s it was a common household tool. The earliest known reference to the buttonhook was in

Apr 18,  · Good day! A complete newbie here. I’ve seen a lot of plastic lure in The Warehouse, most of.

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Luftschutz Made of stamped metal with silver and black finish. White metal for Territorials. Great detail with no rubbing. Uncleaned and nicely toned.

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We have a day sailing back to Melbourne. On Monday we fly to NZ for 4 weeks catch up with familyand friends. The van and car will be stored at Ashley Gardens Caravan Park, in Melbourne, which isn’t too far from the airport. We have loved our time in Tasmania, and could have stayed longer, there are still plenty of walks, waterfalls, and beaches we haven’t had time to explore, especially in the north east.

We felt very “at home” here. Our caravan has now travelled 6, k in the 6 months we have been living in it, in Tasmania. Our car has clocked up 18, since we bought it. From Bridport we drove to Georgetown and up to Low head lighthouse, at the entrance to Port Dalrymple. We crossed the Tamar River to Beaconsfield, and visited the gold mine museum there. This is where the mine collapse trapped the 3 men some years ago. There was a replica of the cage the two men who survived were in. After a night at Kelso, nearby, where we saw wildlife including wombats and possums after dark, we visited a very good platypus Mersy River below, this is near the town of Mole Creek.

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The House of Rothschild 50 years after the Bank of England opened it’s doors, Amschel Moses Bauer, an 18th century German Jewish moneychanger and trader in silk cloth in the ghetto called “Judengasse” or Jew Alley in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, opened a coin shop a counting house in When his son ‘Amschel Mayer Bauer’ inherited the business, he decided to change his name to ‘Rothschild’.

He soon learned that loaning money to governments and kings was more profitable than loaning to private individuals.

Description: The walking tracks and tea tree nooks along Coles Beach Road have provide the perfect atmosphere for a certain kind of romance. Sometimes, especially at night, your par amour might enjoy a stroll along the beach.5/5().

Take time to get the cable and fittings you need when you can afford to Slab: Don’t forget about stumps, cheaper and just as good for a small home. Need water too don’t forget. You may need help clearing the topsoil back, moving it away from the foundation and to box up the area but to do the slab yourself should only take days at most with 2 people. Remember you may need to lay some pipes down before you get to work on the concrete slab.

Externally, it may be worth looking into C-bond panels: Internally, Gyprock is definitely the way to go for the walls and ceiling. Should be easy to place with a timber frame, i have no idea about a steel frame though? Easy enough to get it down and done. Can get enough wood from Bunnings or from elsewhere to do the whole home. Depends on what you are after; carpet, tiles or floorboards? Carpet will be expensive as will underlay too: But, it is not essential, you can do that after you have everything else done.

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The customs of the Navy are so many, varied and ancient that we can only touch lightly on them. Up to the present day we find that coins are still put in a ship – often under the step of the mast when she is built. The present Royal Yacht is a case in point. This custom possibly dates from the Romans, who had a habit of placing coins on the mouth of a person when being buried so that he might pay his fare to Charon when ferried across the Styx.

A disappearing gun, a gun mounted on a disappearing carriage, is an obsolete type of artillery which enabled a gun to hide from direct fire and observation. The overwhelming majority of carriage designs enabled the gun to rotate backwards and down behind a parapet, or into a pit protected by a wall after it was fired; a small number were simply.

Tom says,”I was fortunate to be ‘running crew’ for Devonport in and I found it truly magical performing in front of 12, people every day for 3 weeks. I’m still a member of the Devonport Field Gun Association and still in contact with lads I ran with over 48 years ago. Some of the crew ran with me again in There were 50 ratings making up the crew, plus all the back room staff, with 18 members in each of the ‘A’ and ‘B’ crews, the others were reserves. We were 1st Wheels through the hole in the wall on the Run Home.

If we got stuck, then everyone piled into the back of us and there was a big snarl up. Thankfully it didn’t happened to our crew at Devonport or Earls Court. We were a pretty good team, even if I say so myself. The guns and limbers are then dismantled and carried to the top of a ramp on the ‘home side’ of a foot 8.

Bazanji – Understand (ft. Eve Devonport) [Official Audio]