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I have a C pantera engine sitting in front of my garage on a wooden box, with no Pantera. I built it for a customer, who paid, and never picked it up this was four years ago With all forms of racing, the question always is the same: Can I go fast? Carbs have to be sized for a given RPM range and do not perform well outside that range. EFI on the other hand can be grafted and tweaked across a broader range – allowing one to somewhat merge the concepts of “daily driver” and “outright race car” moreso than a carb – especially the aftermarket stuff if one doesn’t want to get into editing OEM stuff. Though, having extensively reverse engineered GM and Ford EFI to the degree that I have, both systems are incredibly flexible – in fact I was part of a group of internet people who decompiled the binary images of various GM EFI controllers from the late 80’s, early 90’s, down to the source code level. Because we were able to set our code for “V8” instead of V6, run a pair of turbos up to 3 bar 43 psi of boost! This is what I’m building for my F crewcab, albiet slowly four years in the making as I have little time and less available surplus cash at the moment.

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Have we mourned adequately the fate of Benge? Once upon a time, Pat Olguin had a web site called “The Benge Nut” that one day just disappeared as a result of disturbances, convulsions, and mergers in the force. This humbly takes its place. Photo on this page courtesy Paul Ayick. Check out Paul’s photo archives.

Dec 11,  · Hey guys I was just wondering if Stihl used a specific way to date a chainsaw through the serial number. I have a number of /L, soon to have a super, , and now a av.

To view it, click here. I really wanted to like this book or at least finish reading it since I paid money for it but the only person who gives less fucks about the plot than me is the book itself, so gah. I assume for erotica that book isn’t too bad but the thing is: I don’t like erotica. Yes, I have prejudices against the genre but I haven’t found one single erotica novel that I considered a good book or that proved me wrong or that managed to capture me.

If you liked the book and considered it s I give up. If you liked the book and considered it sexy — good for you! The sad thing is, this book had all elements to be rad. SciFi, steampunk, western and lesbians. How could you go wrong? Well, but because the book focuses more on the relationship between the main characters, all the cool stuff gets shoved to the side. It’s the typical cookie cutter UST with both parties trying to conquer the other without being conquered and their relationship is fueled by the constant battle for control.

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Bryon Flynn Byron Flynn mastered the art of seduction by accident while fighting his way up in the bare knuckled entertainment business. You can find him walking between the raindrops in every tinsel town, or getting wet in the national parks. He is based in Los Angeles, CA.

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Cars , Manly Skills Gearhead Understanding Manual Transmission Welcome back to Gearhead — a series on the basics of how cars work for the automotive neophytes out there. Because you read the Art of Manliness, you know how to drive a stick shift. In this edition of Gearhead , we take a look at the ins and outs of how a manual transmission works. Before you read how a transmission works, I highly recommend reviewing our Gearhead s on the ins and outs of engines and drivetrains.

Second, cars often need more or less torque than what the engine can optimally provide within its power band. To understand the second problem, you need to understand the first problem. And to understand the first problem, you need to understand the difference between engine speed and engine torque.

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He is the grandson of Rick and is often forced to tag along on his various misadventures. Currently, Morty is 14 years old, and as of the beginning of the series, Rick Sanchez had been mysteriously missing from the family for a total of 14 years. It is unknown if Morty’s birth and Rick’s disappearance are linked to each other, but it has been shown on two seprate occasions that Rick knew Morty when he was only a baby.

In the episode ” Get Schwifty “, a picture on Birdperson’s wall depicted Rick holding a baby, who, although had an ambiguous identity, was very likely Morty at that same age. In the episode ” Raising Gazorpazorp “, Beth accidentally admitted that when Morty was a baby, Jerry filled Morty with his own insecurity, turning him into the worrying coward he is today.

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The first Weiand product, the “High Weiand” manifold was manufactured and marketed in It was the first aluminum intake on the market. In Weiand introduced a series of “tri-power” and four 2-barrel manifolds and immediately after WWII Weiand debuted a line of aluminum cylinder heads for flathead Ford engines. The famous “Drag Star” line of “log” manifolds for Hemi engines was introduced in and in Weiand developed complete blower drives for the GMC supercharger.

The popular “X-terminator” single plane manifold series was launched in and high performance aluminum water pumps were made by Weiand the following year. A year later Weiand’s “Action” series of high performance replacement manifolds debuted. Weiand became the first OE supplier of superchargers to Mercury Performance Marine in , and over the next three years the “Stealth” series of high performance dual plane manifolds was designed, the “Pro-Street” supercharger was certified “emissions legal” by CARB and Weiand received the industry’s first “E.

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In , the OPEC oil embargo led to emissions controls. Engine ratios lowered, the Hemi was discontinued and luxury cars replaced the once popular muscle cars on assembly lines. In the three years before muscle cars died a sudden death there were a number of muscle cars that set the standard for the great muscle machines. Drag racers used the Hemi Barracuda and helped generate the popularity of the car but the Hemi option was only available in hardtops.

Seven other engines were offered for the model but none matched the power of the Hemi.

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In the distance, cackling exhaust tones of several cars approach as she puts the finishing details of shine onto the Camaro emblem. She knows within the next hour, this parking lot will be packed to the curbs with enthusiasts from all over West Palm Beach. So meet Tiffany Kohler. In a sea of parading car models saturating the southern Florida scene, Tiffany was raised a bit different. Over the years, Tiffany has gripped the wheel of nearly every major domestic muscle car to date.

Holstering a 5-speed and Hurst short throw shifter, the Fox was good practice for when she finally purchased a car of her own; a Camaro RS. The only problem was — the Camaro was a V6 automatic. Settling with the six-banger was cumbersome. She needed more muscle. Like searching the profiles of a bad dating site, scouting the local market was brutal. She knew exactly what features the car needed to have. But after relentless digging, she finally found the ride of her dreams: Currently the Camaro is loaded to the max with gearhead goodies.

To grip the corners, the suspension was updated to LG Motorsports coil-overs with Hotchkis front and rear sway bars.

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The only major difference in tone between the two circuits would be attributable to the different tone caps. For some models like the blackface Concert, there was no change in phase-inverter resistor values, and no changes in tone stack cap values fascinating! And for other models, the tone stack did not change from. The “universal” changes do seem to be the oscillator circuit, cathode resistor change from 56K to K, and the addition of the ohm grid stopper resistors.

Did you know that early blackface amps do not have white silk screening around the bright switches?

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S on this thread How dare a woman even consider that. Shouldn’t she “know” that no one wants her? Interestingly enough, I read a quote by Raquel Welch, a few days ago when she was about age They fail to take into consideration that Ashton Kutcher is a boy douchebag who is a douchebag at any age. They discount other celebrity couples who have made it work, couples like Juliette Mills Hayley Mill’s sister and Maxwell Caulfield “Grease II , who have an 18 year age difference and have been married since or Tina Turner and Erwin Bach who have a similiar age difference as the prior example and have been together since There are many other celebrity couples with a big age difference with the woman being older than the man , as well as many examples in real life.

People look to that and poo poo it by saying, “those are the exceptions, not the rule. All I know is that people who are in significant age difference relationships should seriously away from other people’s opinions and just live each day to it’s fullest.

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Gallery Gearhead66 | 29 years old Female from Galway, Ireland.

Vote for White Noise To place your vote, either use the links above or go to the official Perpetual Awards voting page which you can view by clicking here or by clicking on the SPRC Perpetual Awards vote link on the left-hand side of any Eurodragster. After Alex’s death the trophy was named in his memory and continues to be awarded for contribution to drag racing. There is no shortlist for the Alex Brachtvogel award. Nominations are invited from Eurodragster. Again see the official page for more details or E-Mail your nomination to sprcawards btinternet.

For each of the Awards, one vote per E-Mail address per nominee will be accepted: And every year we say this, but every year someone tries it on: Concerted attempts at vote-rigging will result in the nominee being removed from the shortlist whether or not that nominee knows what was going on. We know all the dodges so it’s just not worth trying.

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Oblio is shown to be wearing a black and yellow “Tokyo streetstyle” jacket on the backside of the jacket it notes, “The end of competition was dark” , dark skinny jeans, and flat black shoes. Oblio is shown to be wearing a ripped lavender tanktop, black mesh on his torso, tight black pants with metal plates on thighs and calves, and sneakers Street Legal He wears dystopia outfit, but he also wears a black and yellow motorcycle helmet.

If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a DJ Disc sound. Has a black jacket with a Dr. Tan crow on the back, a white v-neck shirt, a thin black leather belt, blue jeans, and black boots.

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It was created by Mekada, endorsed by Snap-on Tools, and published in by Head Games subsequently acquired by Activision. This allows them to earn money to buy custom items from the catalog, auction, or junkyard. Popularity Gearhead Garage sold surprisingly well given its unusual design. It received generally excellent reviews, for example an average score of 4.

In all, the community contributed over 30 complete car models that can be downloaded from various 3rd party web sites dedicated to the game. Gearhead Garage Free Download.

LS Fest Bound! Friday Update in A Gearhead’s Garage 2013