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Choose the Fender Serial Number: Most notably, production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses. There were periods of time when this was not consistently done, between and , and there are certainly other examples of short periods of time, and individual pieces, where the dating was simply omitted. While this neck dating is useful in roughly determining the age of a guitar, it is certainly not definitive. The neck date simply refers to the date that the individual component was produced. Given the modular nature of Fender’s production techniques, an individual neck may have been produced in a given year, placed in the manufacturing warehouse and remained in stock for a period of time, and then subsequently paired with a body to create a complete guitar in the following year. So, obviously a neck date, while being helpful in providing a date range of production, it cannot be a definitive reference. Unlike the auto industry which has specific model years for their products, most specifications for a given Fender instrument model, change little if any, through the lifetime of the model. While there have been periods where dramatic changes have occurred, for example: Serial numbers are also helpful in determining the year of production of a given instrument.

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I often get asked, how old is my Fender guitar? Most of the time this question can’t be answered specifically. The Fender numbers tell the story of the company over the years.

Fernandes is the parent company that made most of the company’s Fender replica guitars under its own Fernandes name. Burny is the brand name or division that focused on the making of .

Ramos wanted to maintain a consistent branding for his media properties based around the “mundo” theme the Spanish word for “world” , and chose to brand his new television property as “Telemundo” in effect, translating to “Teleworld” or “World TV”. Ramos had tried to obtain a television station license as early as the mid s; however, because of a freeze imposed by the Federal Communications Commission FCC that suspended the filing and approval of broadcast license applications for new television stations in the United States and its territories due to World War II , he had to wait until to obtain the license.

The station was also known for its “fingers” logo — a bold number “2” with the silhouette of two upright fingers inside the number — and referred to itself as “El canal de los dedos” “The Channel of the Fingers”. In May , Telemundo underwent another management change, appointing former Univision president Joaquin Blaya — who resigned from that network after discovering in an FCC filing for A.

Jerrold Perenchio ‘s purchase of the network from Hallmark Cards that Univision would increase its reliance on programming from Televisa and Venevision to levels that resulted in him concluding that there would be fewer opportunities for the addition of local programs on Univision’s stations, and was subsequently joined by four other Univision executives — to head the network. International distributors soon approached the network for the syndication rights to air these programs on television networks in other countries.

Telemundo’s effort faced an initial setback when Mexico’s leading broadcaster, Televisa , purchased production company Capitalvision, which had been producing the telenovelas in conjunction with the network. In an effort to boost its tepid ratings and quell complaints from advocacy organizations such as the National Hispanic Media Coalition that criticized both networks for not featuring content relatable to American Latinos, Telemundo outlined a new strategy to better compete against Univision by increasing production of domestically produced programs.

In , under the direction of executive vice president of programming Harry Abraham Castillo, Telemundo opened its first network studio on the West Coast. Housed at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood , the network began daily production of three shows on the lot that year: Eastern time slot on certain weeknights to help bolster its late newscasts.

On November 25, , several investors who held shares in Telemundo Group filed an injunction to block the sale in a Delaware Chancery Court , in order to investigate whether executives were shortchanging shareholders in accepting the offer; that request, as well as a separate injunction request by Univision Communications , were later rejected. This “new era” broke from the conventional Spanish-language programming model, the changes made for the —99 lineup included the complete removal of telenovelas from its prime time schedule, citing the inferior quality of the South American serial dramas that it had been acquiring compared to the Mexican serials from Televisa that were carried by Univision.

The network’s existing prime time novelas were relegated to a three-hour block on weekday mornings, while movies were added in prime time on Tuesday and Thursday nights as part of the showcase “Cinemundo”, featuring dubbed versions of recent American film releases many of which were sourced from the Sony movie library.

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As well as a series of paid speeches, he has launched a mobile phone company in Dubai and a new Virgin Active gym in Singapore. He looks, unsurprisingly, somewhat tired. Underneath his trademark white shirt with plunging neckline, a plaster sits on his chest, and he offers his left hand to greet me, as he has injured his right. Sir Richard Branson gathers with Rachel Hunters and others at a dinner in New Zealand to discuss being an entrepreneur But still, more so than when I last caught up with him in Edinburgh a few years back, Branson, now 66 years old, is looking his age.

However he may appear outwardly, however, the entrepreneur shows no signs of slowing down, and dismisses out of hand any suggestions he may be close to stepping back from public life. But, as he freely admits, Branson is spending a significant proportion of his time on charitable projects, leaving Bayliss and his team to get on with continuing his business legacy.

Introduction. For most collectors, pre-CBS (pre) Fender vintage guitars and amps are the desirable ones. Although CBS purchased Fender (officially) on January 3rd , it took some time till the guitars changed (though by mid , six months before .

Department of Anesthesiology and Surgery, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Lexington, Kentucky The more extensive a man’s knowledge, of what has been done, the greater will be his power of knowing what to do. Santayana, Life of Reason Why examine our past? First, it tells us of our heritage, of how we got to where we are. Second, it helps us to appreciate what we have today and to place our practice in perspective.

Third, it provides clues to the characteristics of successful persons and of the discovery process. Finally, it may inspire us to add to the rich history of our profession. Cardiac surgery is remarkably young, almost its entire history having occurred in slightly more than the past years, and the most important advances within the lifetimes of currently practicing physicians. Many of the participants are still living or have left personal accounts of these events, and original publications are readily available.

The reader may be surprised by how recent in origin are the procedures we take for granted today. In , there was no known surgical treatment for congenital or valvular heart disease. In the spring of , there was no surgical palliation available for cyanotic congenital heart disease. At the start of , open cardiac surgery was not possible. At the start of , there was no satisfactory prosthetic valve available, nor an implantable pacemaker, nor even closed chest massage; and infant heart surgery was very risky.

In early , direct coronary artery surgery was a rarity and saphenous vein bypass surgery was unheard of, as was human heart transplantation and surgical therapy for tricuspid atresia or hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

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History[ edit ] V. Squier Company [ edit ] Jerome Bonaparte Squier , a young English immigrant who arrived in Battle Creek, Michigan , in the latter part of the 19th century, was a farmer and shoemaker who had learned the fine European art of violin making. He moved to Boston in , where he built and repaired violins with his son, Victor Carroll Squier. To this day, their violins are noted for their exceptional varnishes, and they command high prices as fine examples of early U.

In our own home, we had a circa RCA “Orthophonic” (model SHF-8) phonograph. It had a contemporary dark wood cabinet, and was supported by thin, tapered, metal legs that were fashionable in the decorative arts such as interior and furniture design (see photo).

Fender was also losing sales in Japan to Japanese guitar brands such asand and the establishment of would benefit Fender sales in Japan, as well as overseas. Squierand became well known nationwide and were especially popular among students because of their reasonable price. By the Vista Series was discontinued. Fender began negotiations with several Japanese musical instrument distributors and reached an agreement with Yamano Gakki and to establish Fender Japan. Kanda Shokai owned the Greco brand name and one of the conditions of the Fender Japan agreement was that Kanda Shokai cease production of its own Greco Fender copies.

Victor Squier started making his own hand-wound violin strings, and the business grew so quickly that he and his employees improvised a dramatic production increase by converting a treadle sewing machine into a string winder capable of producing 1, uniformly high-quality strings per day. This arrangement benefited Fender because it removed the Greco Fender copies from the Japanese market, which were selling in Japan at much lower prices than the American made Fenders and it also benefited Kanda Shokai because Kanda Shokai could then distribute Japanese made Fender branded guitars in Japan.

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In , a structure was developed where the number or pair of numbers following the initialletter indicates the year of production i. Some top of the line Epiphones were producedin the U. These instruments are the only ones that correspond to the standard post Gibson serialization. The YY first and fifth indicate the year built.

The Early Years: – In the early years, Fender serial numbers schemes were specific to the model. Esquires, Broadcasters and Telecasters shared a serial number sequence, while the landmark Precision Bass had its own system.

If you’re not familiar with my site, it’s simple, and you’ll love it or hate it: It’s not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since ’98 so I figure, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there’s a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size.

Limited Edition Goldtop model M G , no longer in production but they still make them in sunburst and black. This model is based on the ‘s Aristocrat, with a hollow mahogany body, arched laminated spruce top, harp tailpiece and a pair of single-coil pickups. This model features a strong 3-piece neck, which are more rigid than single-piece necks and not as prone to warping as years go by. Since the necks are rigid you’ll almost guarantee a lifetime of very comfortable action and no dead spots along the fretboard.

Outfitted with a quality set of Franz P90 Soapbar pickups, this guitar delivers the classic tones of the original. A bound rosewood fretboard with pearl block inlays looks great and is very comfortable with perfectly dressed fret ends. This guitar has a fairly complex tone, sounds bright acoustically and plays wonderfully.

It’s in immaculate condition with plastic still on the pickguard and not a hint of wear. Ships in original box.

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He believes that the key to life is for men to honour their primal nature. Visit his new website at primalexistence. But what if there is another factor that has been largely overlooked? What if it is the material conditions that is having a profound influence on the cultural trends that we witness today? My hypothesis here is that the 1: Historical Sex Ratio vs.

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Equity had expanded quickly with purchases of many small stations in the early s, but by , the company was struggling to meet its obligations. Equity had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy three weeks before the expiration of the purchase option. As a result, Luken restored a national feed of the network from its Chattanooga headquarters with individual feeds to affiliates not owned by Equity following suit on a piecemeal basis.

Equity-owned or -operated stations lost RTN affiliation, though Luken vowed to find new affiliates for the network in the affected areas. The Retro Television Network changed its on-air branding to “RTV” in June a nod to the digital television transition that occurred that month, though a trademark dispute with the Racetrack Television Network was also a factor in the change.

In March , the final “major” group carrying the network, Sinclair Broadcast Group , dropped the network from three remaining Sinclair stations where RTV affiliation agreements were made with their former owners, replacing it with their in-house network TBD. The network was re-branded as RetroTV in Of the top 25 digital broadcast networks for , Retro TV ranked No. List of programs broadcast by Retro Television Network Since its creation, Retro’s principal programming concept consists of classic television series, initially maintaining a hour schedule of shows dating from the s to the early s along with rarely seen older programming.

Until , Retro offered a customized schedule for use at the discretion of the local affiliate. The network then moved towards a set national schedule, although affiliates have the option to pre-empt or reschedule some network programming. Retro also featured a Saturday morning block of vintage cartoon programming.

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