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This required the Firebird hoods to NOT have holes punched for the emblems. The engine was equipped with a single snorkel enclosed air cleaner, with a chrome lid. The Firebird model was very similar to the GTO option, where the Firebird option contained special emblems, dual exhaust, Turbo transmission on automatic equipped cars , chrome rocker arm covers, chrome air cleaner lid, and beefier suspension. As the term “Ram Air” became part of the vocabulary for every high performance enthusiast, Pontiac brought the Ram Air setup out of the Parts Department and into the production line. The GTO Ram Air setup not including engine changes consisted of a lower “bathtub” steel pan, a foam seal, and an open hood scoop. When the hood closed, the lower pan sealed against the underside of the hood, and only cool, fresh air was ingested into the carb s. When Pontiac discontinued their multiple carburetor setup for , the new Ram Air pan would sit over a 4-barrel Quadrajet carburetor, and the setup housed a large 14″ x 3″ air filter that sat in the bottom tub. Because the GTO’s had a centrally located hood scoop, there was no need for any type of upper pan on the underside of the hood to channel incoming air to the carb.

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You may already have the parts for one, the other takes an adapter but gives a better picture. The pictures below show you everything. This requires no hardware modification of the system. There are two ways of getting the job done. I’ll describe both, and I’ll save the background info on why this is such a pain for Page 2.

Jul 14,  · How to Administer IV Fluids In this Article: Gathering Your Supplies Preparing the IV Giving the Patient the IV Community Q&A Intravenous therapy (or the use of an IV) is considered one of the most effective ways to get fluid to a patient, be it blood, water, or medicine%().

Gas Bag Setups smokeater replied the topic: The ml bags have dual outputs of which one on each bag could be conected to the others in such a manner so as all three will auto level balance. The other connection I want to connect to a three way splitter and then to the MHZ scale threw the hull gas port filler as this would spee filing and because the filler shuts off fuel to the engine as you fill thus reducing need for another valve, and all but doing away with most of the air in the system after the initial fill or after filling post storage for season or what not.

Adj replied the topic: Seems I am trying something new, but if I hang 2 half filled bags one above the other and both having there outlets facing down, then the top bag will drain into the bottom one. This is what I was afrain of as it will affect the balance of the boat. I will probably try it out and see what happens. Thanks to everyone for their comments, they are appreciated.

Craig Dickson replied the topic: In respect of two bags I would think that provided that all air is removed during the filling process, there should be no issue with connecting two together as in essence the system comprises of one sealed system. Others with experience of using two bags will correct me if wrong. However I guess it might depend upon how you plumb the two together. However for me being totally new to Gas Bags excluding the context of spouses!

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See code explanations and check components as necessary. Make sure engine is fully warmed. If in doubt, run engine at rpm for 2 minutes. Turn ignition off and wait 10 seconds for system to shut off. Hook up light and jumper or tester if you have one. Make sure vehicle is safe to run and start engine.

Canon EOS 6D Overview; The Canon EOS 6D is a full-frame MP DSLR offering exceptionally high image quality and detail while providing compatibility and convenience through its design and features. When paired with the powerful DIGIC 5+ image processor and bit A/D conversion, the full-frame sensor is capable of recording vivid imagery with expanded sensitivity up to ISO

Infusion pumps[ edit ] An infusion pump allows precise control over the flow rate and total amount delivered. The volume to be infused VTBI of the mainline IV bag should usually be programmed for about 50 milliliters less than the stated volume of that IV bag to avoid letting the IV line or tubing “run dry”. The VTBI for a secondary bag or piggybag should usually be programmed for 30 to 50 milliliters more than is stated to be in that medication IV bag, to make sure that in addition to the bag being emptied, the entire medication dose is flushed through the IV tubing from the mainline bag.

Because of its design, the short, secondary IV line cannot run dry. Thus, the registered nurse should program the IV pump for a 50 milliliter bag of IV antibiotics “volume to be infused” or VTBI for at least 80 milliliters. The milliliter bag of antibiotics usually needs a VTBI of about milliliters. In cases where a change in the flow rate would not have serious consequences, or if pumps are not available, the drip is often left to flow simply by placing the bag above the level of the patient and using the clamp to regulate the rate; this is a gravity drip.

Hypodermic needle[ edit ] The simplest form of intravenous access is by passing a hollow needle through the skin directly into the vein. This needle can be connected directly to a syringe used either to withdraw blood or deliver its contents into the bloodstream or may be connected to a length of tubing and thence whichever collection or infusion system is desired. The most convenient site is often the arm, especially the veins on the back of the hand, or the median cubital vein at the elbow, but any identifiable vein can be used.

Often it is necessary to use a tourniquet which restricts the venous drainage of the limb and makes the vein bulge. Once the needle is in place, it is common to draw back slightly on the syringe to aspirate blood, thus verifying that the needle is really in a vein. The tourniquet should be removed before injecting to prevent extravasation of the medication.

Drip chamber Many systems of administration employ a drip chamber , which prevents air from entering the blood stream air embolism , and allows an estimation of flow rate.

Taking the Sting out of Injection and Infusion Coding

Continuous infusion usually consists of small pulses of infusion, usually between nanoliters and 10 milliliters, depending on the pump’s design, with the rate of these pulses depending on the programmed infusion speed. Intermittent infusion has a “high” infusion rate, alternating with a low programmable infusion rate to keep the cannula open. The timings are programmable.

This mode is often used to administer antibiotics , or other drugs that can irritate a blood vessel. To get the entire dose of antibiotics into the patient, the “volume to be infused” or VTBI must be programmed for at least 30 CCs more than is in the medication bag

“No IV Hookup” Wrong Site Prevention Tattoos – 2″ Dia, 75pk – Wrong Site Prevention Tattoos: Bright colors, concise language, and universally understood graphics convey critical medical information clearly. Safe for all patients; non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Applies easilywith water in just 30 seconds.

The issues are solely with the torque converter bolt pattern, and snout depth. Depending on what vehicle your engine came from, you may or may not need an adapter or flexplate modification. Most, if not all 5. So, if you are going to use a TH or R4 with the standard torque converter you will need to elongate the flexplate converter holes inward, making a smaller diameter pattern. Elongating the holes is usually the most cost effective. Most, if not all 6.

If you are using a TH Converter, then it will bolt right up and NO adapter or modification is necessary. First off, it is not feasible to use a R4 with a DBW engine as there is no throttle body mechanism to hook the TV throttle valve Cable to. It controls transmission valve body pressure relative to throttle position load. A bracket that supports the end of the TV cable will need to be fabricated and attached to the intake manifold near the existing gas-pedal cable bracket.


Here are two I cannot find an answer to: I then run a Optical Cable From my TV to my older Kenwood Receiver – thus audio from all sources runs through the TV then to the receiver – no switching needed on the Receiver needs to be done between inputs. My question – is this the best setup for optimal audio performance or should I connect each piece up to the receiver by itself?

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Most builders are familiar with fabrication techniques, trouble shooting, and parts swapping to make things work, but electronics rise to a much higher level of complexity. Wiring has carried an aura of mystery that can send a shiver down the spine of even the most seasoned builder, making them wish for a simple carburetor and distributor.

This chapter has the answers you seek with easy-to-understand instructions for tackling the wiring of an LS swap. Please feel free to share this article on Facebook, in Forums, or with any Clubs you participate in. You can copy and paste this link to share:

If you’re hot and thirsty, you must get this. I use it for when I’m on the back of the motorcycle and it’s scorching out. Spray myself, spray the back of my husband’s neck, take sips of water.

Share on Facebook Bose Wave radios are designed to be stand-alone stereos that deliver superior sound for a compact audio component. The built-in amplifier is designed to power the pair of stereo speakers inside the Bose Wave, so connecting additional speakers requires an external power source to drive them. The easiest way to do this is with a pair of self-powered speakers, such as the kind designed for use with computer systems. Desktop speakers won’t make power demands on the Bose and will, instead, enhance the radio’s sound quality.

Step Connect the audio cable from the left external speaker to the “Audio OUT” jack on the back of the right speaker using the mini-plug on the end of the cable. Step Connect the “Audio IN” cable on the right speaker to the headphones jack on the back of the Bose Wave radio, inserting the mini-plug on the end of the speaker cable into the jack until it clicks into place. Step Attach the DC power cord plug to the back of the right-channel external speaker and plug the transformer on the other end into a wall outlet.

Step Switch on the Bose Wave and set to the desired volume, then turn on the self-powered external speakers, typically by turning the on-off knob clockwise, and adjust the external speakers to the desired volume.


Rubber gloves Gauze several pieces of 4×4 or 2×2 Setting Up: I will be starting the iv for your MR examination. Have you ever had an iv before?

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It looks great but sounds terrible. So I picked up a sound bar. It’s a Boston Acoustics TeeVee 26 and came with a subwoofer too. So what’s the best way to connect the sound bar up to the TV and the sub? I want to get the best sound. Sounds like you’re putting together a nice system there.

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